Saturday, September 8, 2012

Multi-project management

Multi-project management is the simultaneous planning, comprehensive control and monitoring of several (inter-dependent) projects . Here are all the project portfolio considered. Sometimes the term is program management used interchangeably, but many authors consider (among other PMI / GPM ) under program a bunch of projects with content related objectives.
Multi-project management moves in the tension between operational and strategic decisions. Firstly, it is at the strategic level, the project portfolio is "right" to compile and put the "right" priorities, on the other hand, the individual projects at the operational level must be implemented economically to resolve resource conflicts and overcome time constraints. One example is the rollout of one ERP system in an international Group: The simultaneous launch of multiple locations with each other belong together makes multi-project management is necessary.

Strategic Multi-Project Management

Strategic objectives of the multi-project management are:

  • Selection of projects that bring the most value
  • Prioritization of ongoing projects
  • Ensuring a balanced portfolio of projects with respect to the risk (see Risk Management )
  • Demonstrate the effect of plan amendments
Possible methods are:
  • Evaluation of projects according to the criteria "attractiveness" and "risk"
  • Project selection for "Strategic importance" and "urgency"
Since 2001 , the term for this is Project Portfolio Management uses.

Operating multi-project management

Operating multi-project management is comprehensive project management activities, cross- Controlling in scheduling and capacity planning (controlling access multiple projects to shared resources), cross-reporting and knowledge management , standardization of project processes, consistent quality management and project evaluation. It can range from a Traffic Manager to be made.
In practice it has Critical Chain Project Management itself in its manifestation as a multi-project management methodology. Critical Chain Project Management addressed this above all avoiding multitasking by staggering the projects on congestion and securing appointments by specific buffer management. The buffer management includes the same project and portfolio controlling.

Two aspects of the multi-project management: programs and portfolios

Multi-project management is often divided into:

  • Program Management - Projects in programs have common goals. For project managers often result from this a number of limitations (eg deadlines, budgetary, technical), as their projects must be coordinated with other projects within the program.
  • Project Portfolio Management - Projects in portfolio often compete for resources and the attention of management.

A program can have operational nature or character of the project. The management of a project portfolio has always operational character.

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