Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Term To-Do-List


The term to-do list (English: (also 2Do list) to = to do = do ) or pending list , task list , list of open tasks (also LOP) is the task management , or in the Task Scheduler from individuals, in groups and projects used. In a to-do list is detained pending the tasks, who is responsible and by when it must be done. These lists can also be part of a self-organization be. The list is not apparent, at which time the status of an action is changed, only the current state.

Simple List

  • The shopping list is the simplest form of the to-do list. You can divided (vegetables, beverages, meat) and are structured by objectives (library, hardware store).
  • The Wish List helps to remember important things.
  • A timetable brings things in a chronological order.

Simple to-do list

The to-do list can be on paper, on a flipchart , a PDA , a spreadsheet , a Web application or a normal application is written. The simplest form is a personal list of tasks to be completed, which is checked off one by one.
The to-do list is a simple tool for discussions, meetings, negotiations and project management . It is recorded as an agreement, who did what with whom and when has to do. The outcome of meetings is held in common to-do lists.

Tasks are described in concrete and each is a responsible process owners intended. Tasks are to be scheduled in time (from - to) and to prioritize (importance). To-do lists can be used as checklist to be built, or as a matrix (with a distinction whether important or not, and whether urgent or not) can be made. See also time management or task management .

Extended to-do list

A to-do list can be divided in sub-tasks, information on time and financial resources, a file management provide detailed descriptions, with graphical bars show the temporal relationship of the individual subtasks and progress, a network or WBS produce and much more - and as a project management system to be expanded.

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